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You can schedule a 30 minute one-on-one session with our library technology trainers up to 3 times per month!

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Library Community Courses provide free or low cost lifelong learning opportunities for the citizens of Christian County. We offer classes on computers and technology, arts and crafts, genealogy, books and publishing and more! Check back often for upcoming schedules.

Courses Available Currently

Introduction to Computers Part I
Can’t tell your mother board from your floppy drive? This class is for you! Learn the basic terms and use of computers. We will be learning the parts of the computer and what they do, how to use the mouse and keyboard, and how to use and manipulate the "windows" in your computer.
Introduction to Computers Part IIIn this class you will learn more computer basics. This class is an extension of the beginner class: “Introduction to Computers”. We will be learning how to create and manage folders to organize your desktop. Also how to change your desktop settings and some nifty programs your computer has to offer.

Introduction to the Internet

This class is a very basic internet class. In this class you will learn terms such as browser, URL, search engines, links, etc. After this class you will be able to open a browser, navigate to a website, and navigate within a website.

Searching the InternetCan't find what you are looking for on the internet? This class is for you! We will be covering searching techniques and discussing various search engines and how they work. Also we will talk about how best to phrase your search strings to get better results.
Introduction to E-Mail
This is for those who have never had an email account and would like to have one. We will go over the basics of email, set up an account, and practice sending and receiving a few.

The Library Online

Learn what resources are available at the Christian County Library website. Learn how to use your library card to access your account, or use one of the many great databases that the library has to offer.

Microsoft Word 2007 Basics

This class teaches students basic word processing tasks in Microsoft Word 2007, including creating, printing, and saving documents, formatting text, plus an overview of some of the more advanced features available in the program.

Job Search Success
This two-hour course, presented with cooperation from the Missouri Career Center, is designed to help students fill out job applications, create resumes and cover letters, and ace job interviews. Information on the best strategies for finding a job will also be presented.

Career Workshop
This is an open workshop for students to use our computers to search for jobs, create a resume, or do other job searching activities. Instructors will be available to assist.

Start Your Family Tree
Begin at the beginning. This is a very basic class on how to start tracing your family history. This class is made for anyone who would like to start working on their genealogy. Also for anyone would like to get the work that they have already done organized in order to continue their research.

Internet Research for GenealogistsDiscover what resources are available for genealogy enthusiasts online. Not just for Christian County but anyone interested in researching their past. There are many great websites for you to use no matter where your family is or was. This class takes you into the realm of records searching on the internet.

Hands-On Computer Learning Lab
This is lab time to practice hands on experience using skills learned from other LCC courses as well as learn keyboarding and brush up on your mouse skills. This is a come and go class with the lab open three hours. Library staff instructors will be available for your questions. If you arrive and the lab is set up but no one is in the room please see the front desk and we will get a instructor for you straight away.

If you can think of any other classes that you would like to see offered, please let us know.

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